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Granger Plastics Company Mission Statement

Our mission


The Granger Plastics Company is committed to producting the highest qualityy products, for on time delivery to our customers, both internal and external.

We will perpetuate a never-quit attitude along with some aggresive risk taking to allow us to consistently think outside the norm to satisfy the ever-changing needs of our customers and ourselves.

We will accept nothing less than the expected requirements of quality and service to always maintain the integrity of The Granger Plastics name. We will always strive for excellence in our quest for World class manufacturing

So who are we?


Granger Plastics Company is a World renown Rotational Molding company, who provides industry leading solutions to a wide variety of industry leaders, ranging from Aerospace, Defense, Chemical, Agricultural, Material Handling, Consumer Safety and so many more industries. Granger Plastics, a division of Granger Industries, Inc. provides "Solutions Beyond Expectations". Granger Plastics Company continues to be an internationally recognized leader in Rotational Molding, supplying rotomolded solutions to countries all over the globe to some of the biggest names in any industry. Granger Plastics Company is a privately held company, employing approximately 50 employees across its rotomolding operations, mold & metals shop and management staff.



Granger Plastics Company employees approximately 50 employees, with all operations and employees based in the United States of America. Granger strives for growth and innovation, to create now jobs and opportunities for ourselves, our customers and vendors, thus giving back whole heartedly to the American Economy. As Granger Plastics and Granger Industries grows, the demand for more employees will only continue to increase. With the recent launch of Granger Aerospace Products and ForeverSafe™ Products, Granger continues to strive for excellence in our quest for World class manufacturing.

Granger Plastics President, Jim Cravens on His Harley Davidson
(Above left) Jim Cravens, President of Granger Plastics & Granger Industries heads to an event for a Charitable Organization; (Above Right) Jim enjoying the ride on his Harley Davidson motorcycle on one of America's most famous roads, Route 66

Granger Plastics also has on staff an Engineering Project Manager, Sales & Marketing Manager, Metals & Mold Shop manager, Maintenance Operations Manager and a General Manager to ensure its operations continue smoothly and succintly to maintain the high level of Granger Plastics Integrity.



Granger Plastics customers and clients range from the thousands of home owners who have purchased Underground tornado shelters from Granger Plastics to Forbes 100 level companies who operate Airlines, major manufacturing operations, Defense & Aerospace companies, Farmers, commercial laundries, hospitals, hotels & resorts, fast food chains, 5 star restaraunts, zoo's, furniture companies, banks, storage facilities, professional sports teams, amusement parks and so much more. The diversity of Granger Plastics abilities is second to none in terms of Rotational Molding. Granger Plastics is truly a World Class manufacturing entity that is producing nearly 1,500 different products and components for a number of OEM's and various clients all over the world.

Granger Industries

Granger History

Granger Plastics Company is founded by John Grimes. John, a 40 plus year pioneer who had been an integral key to the Rotational molding industry. His father, John Grimes, Sr. was one of the "founding fathers" of the Rotational Molding Industry. Granger Plastics was originally opened in a Sharonville, OH.
Granger Plastics Company experiences continued customer & sales groth, requiring the company to move to a northern Cincinnati-Dayton area suburb of Middletown, OH.
Granger Plastics Company continues explosive growth, needing an additional principal who had a diverse expert background in engineering, design, metals and polymers. The new partner, was a highly pursued, associate of Mr. Grimes' past history of Rotational Molding, an internationally recognized leading engineer, Jim Cravens.
Granger continues its growing trend and in the same year, requires large capital expansions and additional equipment. Granger adds 20,000 feet to its manufacturing facilities, purchases additional land for future expansion and adds one of the continents largest Rotational Molding machines at the time.
After 50 years of hard work, dedication and innovation in the Rotational Molding industry, John Grimes would decide to retire. Granger Plastics continues to grow in new directions, under the new company President, Jim Cravens.
After several years of research, development & engineering design work, Granger Plastics' President, Jim Cravens files for patent protection on his Internationally recognized innovation, Sandsaver. The patent is later issued in April of 2006 as Patent #7,029,200 for Shoreline Erosion Barrier.
Granger Plastics Company, since building thousands of Tornado Shelters since 1996, opts to develop and patent the first underground polymer shelter geared for single family use. Thru the guidance of Granger's expert engineering staff and the leadership of internationally recognized business leader Jim Cravens, Granger Plastics patents what will soon to become America's Leading Tornado Shelter, The Granger ISS. The patent is applied for on March 24, 2009.
Granger Plastics Company and Jim Cravens patent filed for the Subeterranean emergency shelter is approved as Patent D610,701. The patented Tornado & Storm Shelter would quickly evolve and become America's leading Underground Safety Shelter over the next 2 years.
Granger Plastics Company and Granger Industries release ForeverSafe™ Products, a line of beautiful granite and metallic look Cemetery Vases and Burial Urns, that offer theft deterrent protection .